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Live 1-on-1 Online Tuition for students to get them ready for online education platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford online education, etc…

Why Online Home Tution ?

That’s hardly an exaggeration when you consider that for the past few years, highly prestigious schools, such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, have been offering full, non-credit courses of study online something called MOOCs (which stands for a massive open online course). MOOCs generally have the same professors and the same study material you’d get if you were attending the university in-person.

And the future is online education. So It is the right time to make your child get friendly with online education. 

Our unique system provides each student with:

  • Private one-on-one digital face-to-face tutoring over Zoom/Google-Meet
  • Each student has their own dashboard with lessons customised to their specific needs
  • Ability to record tutoring sessions and save on dashboard**
  • Video library with resources and exercises for all levels 
  • Speed tests to improve skill and accuracy
  • Ability to upload work for feedback before submission to school
  • Instant feedback from system
  • Tracker to measure activity and results
  • Parent meet to monitor student progress

This is unheard of in the industry!!! None of our competitors can even come close to this amount of value and support!

The Fees is worthy enough

Available for class 6- 12 

Get Quality Teacher

BDT 20,000 Per Month
  • 1 hour+ class
  • class on Zoom/ Google Meet
  • All Subject
  • weekly 3 days
  • 1 Free Demo class

Available Teacher

Tanvir Ahmed Sagor
Final Year Student, Government Medical College

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